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                Spanning over fifty years of televisual adventure, our collection of finely sculpted pewter and plastic figures will appeal to collectors and gamers alike. We plan to cover all Doctors, their companions and characters from the rich and diverse universe of the TV series old and new. As the TV series introduces new characters and villains, so too these will be made in miniature form!

                Into the Time Vortex miniatures scale image

                The scale figures are based on a six foot tall Doctor being 38mm high. All figures are meticulously research to ensure each character is made at the correct height.

                Figures are digitally sculpted using original photographic reference material, from some of the leading designers in the industry. Each and every model is then approved by the BBC to ensure they are 100% screen accurate, before being manufactured by Warlord Games’ artisan mould-makers and casters in the UK. The result is a highly collectable and ever-expanding range.


                Digital renders of one of our Ice Warriors miniatures
                Above: Digital renders of an Ice Warrior miniature.


                The Exterminate! game features Daleks vs Cybermen, a battle skirmish using two armies of plastic villains. The game box has everything you need to play, including the figures, rules booklets, dice, double-sided gaming mat and stat cards allowing you not only to play with the Daleks and Cybermen, but other monsters, villains and characters from the range – including the various Doctors and his many companions!

                Contents of the Exterminate! tabletop miniatures game

                All pewter figure packs are compatible with the game. You’ll find downloadable gaming cards in figure packs. Every night can be Doctor Who night with Exterminate! – a game that the whole family can play. 



                Figures are supplied unpainted, but never fear, you will soon become a pro painter in no time!


                Original, inked and painted versions of a Vervoid miniature
                Above: Original, inked and painted versions of a Vervoid miniature.


                Be you a collector, a gamer, or both, the officially licensed Doctor Who range from Warlord Games is a new and exciting foray into this epic universe!

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