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Baby Yoda Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Plush-General-RETROBLE
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Baby Yoda Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Plush

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Ever since the world laid their eyes on The Child (Baby Yoda) we’ve all been in love. This little guy has taken the planet and the internet by storm, resulting in lots of hype and hilarious memes which has already made him one of the most talked about Star Wars characters of all-time.

Inspired by The Child, this 11-inch Baby Yoda plush toy is super soft, snuggly and he even comes specially packaged in his own hover crib – perfect for gifting and keeping him comfortable. And as he’s proven in The Mandalorian, he also comes with the ways of The Force!

He’s become instantly recognisable and he’s been winning hearts with his wide eyes, loving gaze and oversized ears. And now, it’s something that you can finally experience with this very cute Baby Yoda plush toy.

This huggable little guy features a roto-vinyl head, sparkling eyes and a bean bag filled base along with a super soft body. Making him both cute and cuddly, you’ll never want him to leave your sight. 

The Child comes from the same species as the old Jedi master Yoda and just like him, he’s also at one with the force. Meaning that he’s able to do all sorts of cool and crazy things – don’t let his size fool you! Baby Yoda debuted in The Mandalorian series and he’s played a big part in it becoming immensely popular – not bad for someone so little. But believe it or not, despite appearing as a baby he’s actually 50 years-old!

The Child may be one of the newer characters to the Star Wars universe but he’s certainly a favourite of everyone’s already and he’s bound to make a great addition to your home. So now you can kick back and enjoy all the memes with your very own Baby Yoda plush toy. You’re certainly going to be the envy of the galaxy with him by your side.