Doctor Who Third Doctor Mini Bobble Head

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Doctor Who Third Doctor Mini Bobble Head Series 1 

Join in the adventure with the Doctor and the universe’s most formidable foes with the Bobble Buddies mini bobble figurine collection.


Third Doctor
Exiled on earth, the Third Doctor was confident, bold and flamboyant. During his exile he became allied to the extra-terrestrial taskforce UNIT, helping them to combat numerous enemies and his most formidable foe, the Master.

Standing at 83mm (3.27 inches) in height, the figurine’s head comically bobbles and wobbles on a spring. Fixed to standard display base. Why not collect the whole Dr Who series and more...

Packed in a full colour window box.

  • 1x Third Doctor: Jon Pertwee 


  • Third Doctor: 83mm (3.27 inches)



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